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We move toward a sustainable future.


 Like you, we care deeply about the environment of this planet, our only home.

We have a role in making better choices about utilizing limited resources anytime, anywhere.

 We aim to contribute to a sustainable future by analyzing every aspect of our business processes and minimizing our impact on the environment.

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Sustainable Material

 We value the transition to more sustainable materials. We discover and use materials with little environmental footprint and certified by an authorized institution.

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Our Design Approach

 Sustainability inspires us as an important value when designing. We are thinking about a long-lasting design that will not fade next season.


Sustainable collection

 We will launch the Sustainable collection in 2022, made with sustainable materials, and by 2023, more than 30% of all new products will be converted to sustainable products.

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Human rights and Diversity

 We believe that it is important that everyone in our value chain is treated with respect and dignity, and that their human rights values are upheld.

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Green Package

 We aim to minimize the environmental impact of the shipping package and continue to consider the use of sustainable packaging materials.


New Business Model

Coming Soon.

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