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About Us

JAE operates global fashion commerce, STORETS. 

We believe that anyone can express themselves through fashion, and we offer a space for sharing individual’s unique preferences and quickly experiencing products reflecting their preference, motivated from the unique and exclusive styles and voices of all the individuals on social media.


The CEO, who majored in politics and diplomacy, which is far distant from fashion, had passion for fashion and opened a small fashion store on Auction, without her parents knowing about it. This small store was soon ranked as Auction Power Seller, and this led to her parents’ recognition, and she went to study fashion abroad in the UK.

After studying abroad in the UK and working at a famous fashion company, she discovered something strange. However she searched, she couldn’t find anywhere else like Korea to make products with excellent designs at low prices. After looking at the high street fashion brand craze in the UK, she realized something and was determined that she will make a brand that will make everybody enthusiastic.

So this is the story behind Storets: A passion to let women all over the world to know excellent products and designs of Korea!

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CEO Letter

“Back when I was in the UK, I was wearing this clothes that I had bought in Korea, and buyers of famous design brands overseas were very interested about what I’m wearing. Korean products are unrivaled wherever you go. And that was when I realized that Korean products can satisfy the global customers.”


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